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David Trainavicius

CEO at PVcase


David is the Founder and CEO of PVcase. He has been involved with a wide variety of solar projects since 2009, gaining expertise in the European solar power market and regulations. He has an in-depth knowledge of solar energy systems, including roof mounts, ground mounts and façades.


Under his leadership, PVcase has become a leading design software in the PV market. The company has grown to a client base in 80 countries, raised $23M USD in their 2021 Series A round, and an additional $100M in their recent 2023 Series B round.


David also founded Detra Solar in 2011 and the company has grown to providing services for residential, commercial and utility scale solar projects. He has consulted for over 100 companies including solar park developers, EPCs, installation companies and solar investors worldwide. His advice on solar energy regulations and investment opportunities in Europe has helped investors to develop projects worth over €500M.

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David Trainavicius
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