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Kamilė Mazrimė

Head of Partnerships and Communication at Rockit


As a Communication, PR, and branding specialist with a background in journalism and European politics, I'm truly excited about fostering connections and empowering individuals. My passion lies in raising awareness of impactful and positive initiatives, all while building strong networks that bridge organizations and professionals.Currently, I'm thriving in the Fintech field as the Head of Communication and Partnerships. My role involves orchestrating groundbreaking projects, spearheading comprehensive programs, and devising strategic communication initiatives. I'm also enthusiastic about the dynamic world of conferences, where I can facilitate meaningful interactions and drive the conversation forward. In addition to my professional pursuits, I'm keen on the realms of media and marketing. This passion fuels my dedication to financial technologies and the profound impact they bring to the table. My goal is to contribute to the industry's growth and innovation, aligning my skills with the ever-evolving landscape of the Fintech world.

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Kamilė Mazrimė
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