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Mindaugas Eglinskas

CEO at Pixevia


Mindaugas Eglinskas is the Founder and CEO of PIXEVIA - an AI solution that transforms traditional brick and mortar convenience stores into digital powerhouses. The customer journey is improved drastically - AI system recognises all items taken from the self and the customer don’t  need to scan them at the exit or wait in a queue at the checkout. By integrating four essential roles—checkout, security, management, and shelf replenishment—into the system, PIXEVIA enhances store operation processes and reduces operational costs. While people handle shelf replenishment, the AI manages the rest. Now, PIXEVIA offers Smart Store product in all major markets: the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.

Mindaugas has worked in various industries and companies, including the Central Bank of Lithuania and Vilnius University. He also managed a defense project that involved the development of a tactical UAV (a drone with large wings) for the Lithuanian Ministry of Defence. His first attempts to create an AI system were in 2004 while writing his PhD thesis at Vilnius University, where he used artificial neural networks to predict stock and commodity prices.


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Mindaugas Eglinskas
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