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Tomas Montvilas

Chief Commercial Officer at Oxylabs


Tomas Montvilas is a Chief Commercial Officer at Oxylabs, a web intelligence acquisition solution and premium proxy provider. He is an expert of organizational growth with over 7 years of experience in leadership roles in the areas of sales, marketing, product development, and digital transformation. In the last few years he has focused on the tech industry, leading large digital transformation programs and overseeing the development of AI-powered customer data management & analytics solutions. His extensive knowledge regarding the implementation of big data and AI solutions helps companies to leverage data as they embark on the inevitable process of digital transformation.

Previously, as a management consultant, Tomas helped clients around the globe to devise the most effective go-to market strategies. He has supported the launch of countless new ventures aimed at bringing more value to telecommunications, media, and CPG industries.

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Tomas Montvilas
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