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Kotryna Kurt

Founder and CEO at AQ22


Kotryna Kurt is a 2xfounder. She is the owner of a consulting company Linkedist, that helps other businesses grow with the power of LinkedIn marketing, advertising, and sales. Right now, she is the CEO of a startup called AQ22, which is creating AI-coworkers for financial institutions. She is also an active contributor and a thought leader on LinkedIn, where she talks about entrepreneurship, leadership, sales, and marketing. For the last 9 years, Kotryna has delivered +400 company and public workshops and helped different European accelerators educate their startups about business development, sales, and personal branding. Within the last few years, she has shared her knowledge at events like TechBBQ, TechChill, Login, Growth Marketing Conference San Francisco, Sales Formula, and worked with brands like LEGO, Accenture, Danske Bank, and more.

Kotryna Kurt
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