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 Join the  TALENT HUNT  
  and Recharge Your Career 

Lithuanian startup community is booming and more talents are needed to join its forces. That’s why we created the initiative Talent Hunt during the biggest startup ecosystem event in Lithuania - Startup Fair. Recharge 2021 on June 3rd-4th.


 Post your positions by May 28th 

Steps to follow:
1. Click Post a Job.

2. Post your job openings.

*If you’re already an active MeetFrank user contact your account manager: to get your openings posted to Startup Fair Talent Hunt group.

**If you’re a new user your job listings will automatically appear in the  Startup Fair Talent Hunt group after registering through the link. 

3. Shout-out about it on your channels!

4. Start selecting your talents on   May 28th 

5. Schedule the interviews for June 3rd-4th to run online or on-site and come to Startup Fair. Recharge 2021 event at Vilnius Tech Park. 

*You will receive a form via email to reserve tables for all your meetings on  May 28th!

6. Share your success stories with us!


 Apply on May 21st-28th 

Steps to follow:
1. Click Find a job to check the offers in the group named: Startup Fair Talent Hunt.
2. Apply for the position by  May 28th .

3. Interact with the company and ask your questions.

4. Wait for the invitation to meet your dream company during the Startup Fair. Recharge 2021 event! 

5. Haven’t received an invitation? Come to Startup Fair anyways and catch your dream company during the event.

Starup Fair Recharge 2021
 Talent Hunt is organized and supported by Startup Fair, Tech Zity and MeetFrank 

Talent Hunt will take place during Startup Fair. Recharge 2021 online & on-site at Vilnius Tech Park. We will open up some terraces for your comfortable meetings.

Don’t miss out on making the most of Startup Fair and Talent Hunt this year!

To attend the Talent Hunt, take your event ticket first!

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